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What Building Insurance covers:

We know that your home is much more than just bricks and mortar – but it’s still worth making sure that the physical structure is covered. With our fully customisable buildings insurance, we’ll make sure you’re covered should something happen because of insured events like:

• You are covered if something happens because of insured events like fire, theft or the weather

• Loss or damage caused by water leaking or overflowing from geyser, tanks, pipes or gutters

• Malicious or accidental damage

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Your building will be protected against loss or damage up to the value of your building that you told us about. We define a building as any private residential home used for domestic purposes. 

This includes outbuildings, swimming pools, walls and fences, gates and gate motors – and much more.

As an added bonus, our No-claim reward programme gives you 100% of your buildings insurance premiums back after every 72 months that you don’t claim on your policy.

Note: To participate in this No-claim reward, you must have car comprehensive insurance and home contents insurance with us.

Your Buildings Insurance Also Includes:

• The cost of employing a security guard to protect the building

• Replacing lost keys and remote control units, or damage to your locks

• The loss of metered water

• Leak detection and repairs

• Accidental damage to underground public services

• Cover for any damage or destruction caused by subsidence, landslip or ground heave of the land  

  supporting the building (not related to the moisture content of the soil)

• Cover for costs charged by an authorised body for extinguishing a fire, to prevent or reduce loss or    damage to the building

• Cover for any rental income you lose because of any insured event, or the cost of having to find  

   alternative accommodation.


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