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A good time to take out a funeral policy in South Africa is when there are people or family members that are dependent on you.

Unless you have experienced organising a funeral it’s not easy to imagine the work and costs that are involved in funeral arrangements. You need to contact the funeral home, pick out an appropriate coffin, organise catering and decide on cremation or burial unless that has already been stipulated by the deceased. Even the simplest things like a funeral programme or securing a cantor (chanter) can be overlooked in your time of grief. All of this comes at a cost. Irrespective of the size of the funeral, it is likely to be a costly affair.

You no doubt want the best funeral cover available in South Africa. We can’t tell you the exact amount but we can give you a guide. Consider the following

Do you just want a funeral policy for yourself; cover for yourself and immediate family; or do you need funeral cover for your parents, brother, aunt, uncle, even your in-laws?

How much funeral cover do you want?

What can you afford to pay every month? Many people start with basic cover and then add on different options (such as parents, siblings and extended family members) when they can.

What benefits do you want from your funeral plan? Funeral policies can include premium cash back, premium holiday, accidental or terminal illness cover, HIV cover and even help with funeral arrangements.

There are a number of affordable funeral plans to cover funeral expenses along with great benefits. Identify what you need from a funeral policy upfront and then compare the funeral cover options available before making your choice.


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