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In the world of business, a company is held accountable for the products and services it offers, as well as the way it conducts its activities. Add instances in which a third party claims they (or their property) have suffered harm because of their interaction with the company, and the exposure to risk becomes stark.

Our General Liabilities team specialises in protecting businesses against claims of negligence or wrongdoing that result directly from their business practices, their products or services, or employees, or from defective workmanship or pollution.

Examples include: damage to a motor vehicle following negligent repair work; a restaurant customer becoming ill due to contaminated food; a customer slipping on a tile floor at a client’s premises and suffering injury; industrial spillage polluting a river; or items being stolen from a client’s premises that was negligently left unlocked. (And these are all greater risks now that the Consumer Protection Act has extended liability to any business in the supply chain.)

In these instances, liability also extends to the legal costs of defending a claim, which are inevitably incurred when an allegation is lodged (regardless of whether damages are ever awarded), and we provide cover against this, too.

Our product range includes:

• Broadform liability

• Events liability – once-off or annual

• CUP – top-up liability cover for underlying commercial policies

• PLIP – top-up liability cover for underlying personal lines policies


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