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Moving cargo – whether by ship, road, air or rail – is laden with risk and poses a unique set of challenges for importers, exporters, professional hauliers, ship repairers, ship builders, charterers, project managers, financial institutions and stevedores. Marine insurance exists to mitigate these risks.

Our experienced specialist team as well as our preferred providers has the technical skill to analyse and assess the most complex shipping cases and provide appropriate risk management advice and insurance solutions for imports and exports of cargo, goods in transit and commercial hulls, as well as marine liabilities for ship repairers, charterers, ship builders and stevedores.

With the objective of keeping costs to a minimum, and an unparalleled focus on recoveries, we provide insurance for cargo that is transported within South Africa and across borders, and for ships and related shipping risks, covering for physical loss or damage at every link in the transportation supply chain.

Products include:

• Marine cargo

• Marine stock throughput

• Advanced loss of profits (ALOP)

• Marine legal liabilities, including charterer’s liability, stevedore’s liability, ship builder’s liability and    ship repairer’s liability


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