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Remove trucking from South Africa’s logistical infrastructure and our access to many of the consumer goods we take for granted – such as fresh food, fuel and electronics – would be severely hampered. Trucking plays a central role in our national distribution network, and has specific motor insurance needs that cannot be effectively addressed by standard motor policies.

Our Trucking specialists have developed a range of niche insurance products for heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs) that are purpose built to meet the needs of transport contractors and other companies that move goods for reward.

We provide insurance for light, medium and heavy commercial motor vehicles in South Africa and our cover specifically includes loss of use (following an insured event) as well as driver injury, mechanical and electrical breakdown, and the downtime that can entail.

Although the focus is on HCVs and bus fleets, if the balance of the motor fleet consists of HCV and trailer-type units, we can include private cars and light delivery vehicles on the same policy. And structured solutions are also available for clients requiring specialised risk funding programmes.

Risk reduction is another core focus. We work closely with selected vetting companies to check drivers’ competency, and a specialist driver-training firm to ensure they are adequately trained. It is a prerequisite that all vehicles must be roadworthy and, if they are valued at R250 000 or more, must be fitted with tracking devices.

We offer:

• Comprehensive cover

• Limited third-party fire and theft (or third-party cover only)

• Loss of use

• Excess reducers

• Cross-border towing

• Driver group personal accident

• Roadside assistance

• Goods in transit

• Burner deposit premium options

• Low claim bonus premium incentives


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